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vara (är-var-varit)

to be

be (ber-bad-bett)

to pray

ge (ger-gav-gett)

to give

binda (binder-band-bundit)

to attach

brinna (brinner-brann-brunnit)

to burn

brista (brister-brast-brustit)

to burst

dricka (dricker-drack-druckit)

to drink

finna (finner-fann-funnit)

to find

finnas (finns-fanns-funnits)

to exist, be situated

försvinna (försvinner-försvann-försvunnit)

to disappear

hinna (hinner-hann-hunnit)

to have the time to

rinna (rinner-rann-runnit)

to run, flow

sitta (sitter-satt-suttit)

to sit

slippa (slipper-slapp-sluppit)

to be let off, get away with

spinna (spinner-spann-spunnit)

to spin

spricka (spricker-sprack-spruckit)

to crack

spritta (spritter-spratt-spruttit)

to give a start, flinch, quiver

springa (springer-sprang-sprungit)

to run

sticka (sticker-stack-stuckit)

to splinter, prick, sting

tvinga (tvinger-tvang-tvungit)

to oblige

vinna (vinner-vann-vunnit)

to win

bära (bär-bar-burit)

to carry

skälva (skälver-skalv-skälvt)

to tremble

skära (skär-skar-skurit)

to cut

smälta (smälter-smalt-smultit)

to melt

stjäla (stjäl-stal-stulit)

to steal

svälta (svälter-svalt-svultit)

to starve

bita (biter-bet-bitit)

to bite

bli (blir-blev-blivit)

to stay, become

driva (driver-drev-drivit)

to drive

glida (glider-gled-glidit)

to glide

gnida (gnider-gned-gnidit)

to rub

gripa (griper-grep-gripit)

to seize

kliva (kliver-klev-klivit)

to stride

lida (lider-led-lidit)

to suffer

niga (niger-neg-nigit)

to curtsey

pipa (piper-pep-pipit)

to chirp

rida (rider-red-ridit)

to ride

riva (river-rev-rivit)

to scratch, tear off, pull down

skina (skiner-sken-skinit)

to shine

skrida (skrider-skred-skridit)

to walk slowly

skrika (skriker-skrek-skrikit)

to cry

skriva (skriver-skrev-skrivit)

to write

slita (sliter-slet-slitit)

to wear (out, down), tear

smita (smiter-smet-smitit)

to run away

sprida (sprider-spred-spriTT)

to spread

stiga (stiger-steg-stigit)

to rise, get up

strida (strider-stred-stridit)

to fight

svida (svider-sved-svidit)

to burn (pain)

svika (sviker-svek-svikit)

to betray

tiga (tiger-teg-tigit)

to keep silent

vika (viker-vek-vikit)

to fold

vina (viner-ven-vinit)

to whistle

vrida (vrider-vred-vridit)

to twist, turn

få (får-fick-fått)

to receive, be allowed to

gå (går-gick-gått)

to walk

begrava (bregaver-begrov-begravit)

to bury

dra (drar-drog-dragit)

to pull

fara (far-for-farit)

to go (away)

gala (gal-gol-galit)

to crow

ta (tar-tog-tagit)

to take

le (ler-log-lett)

to smile

komma (kommer-kom-kommit)

to come

sova (sover-sov-sovit)

to sleep

slå (slår-slog-slagit)

to beat, hit

slåss (slåss-slogs-slagits)

to fight

stå (står-stod-stått)

to stand

svärja (svärjer-svor-svurit)

to swear

dö (dör-dog-dött)

to die

ligga (ligger-log-legat)

to lie down

se (ser-såg-sett)

to see

äta (äter-åt-ätit)

to eat

gråta (gråter-grät-gråtit)

to cry

låta (låter-lät-låtit)

to sound (or to let do something)

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