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Crystal violet agar
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aerotolerant anaerobes (don't use oxygen, but tolerate it) would show.......growth evenly throughout the test tubemicroaerophiles (have reduced oxygen tension)show growtn just under the surfacecatalase test tests for the enzyme catalase what would a positive test look likebubblesCultivation of anaerobes what would a positive test for anaerobes look likepink in the test tubeWhat would an acid-stain cell look like?pink non are bluewhat two diseases does acid-fast staining indicatesTB and leprosyinterpret the TSI test results all red all yellow red slant and yellow buttnone are fermented all 3 are fermented glucose only is fermentedin milk agar a clear zone surrounding indicates......protease called caseinasestarch agar has a clear zone of hydrolysis shows presence of ______ and adding iodine and seeing a clearing indicates presence of _____-amylase maltosewhat sugar does the cap color correspond with (solution is red at the start) (yellow if it ferments that sugar) green cap white cap red capglucose sucrose lactosethe addition of a kovack's reagent and it turning red indicates what?tryptophan being hydrolizedB-methyl red tests detects the presence of......large acid products E.coli(pH = 4/red) is more red than E.aerogenus (pH=6/yellow)What color does the tube turn if H2S was produced?blackwhen reading a Citrate test what does a blue coloration tell youthat citrate is used as her sole carbon sourceinterpret these nitrate reduction results A + B = red A + B + zinc = clear A + B + zine = rednitrate was reduced nitrate was reduced completely nitrate was not reduced