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  1. (n-2)180
  2. 6s^2
  3. sāˆš3
  4. pir^2h
  5. (x-h)/a^2 + (y-k)/b^2 = 1 (h,k)
  1. a Surface Area of a Cube
  2. b Volume of a Cylinder
  3. c Sum of Interior Angles of a Polygon
  4. d Length of a Diagonal of a Cube
  5. e Standard Form of the Equation of an Ellipse

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  1. Standard Form of the Equation of a Parabola
  2. Volume of a Rectangular Solid
  3. Circumference of Circle
  4. Distance in the Coordinate Plane
  5. Area of Square

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  1. (x-h)^2/a^2 - (y-k)^2/b^2 = 1Standard Form of the Equation of a Hyperbola That Opens Upward and Downward


  2. 2pir^2 + 2pirhSurface Area of a Cylinder


  3. bhVolume of a Rectangular Solid


  4. 4pir^2Surface Area of a Sphere


  5. 1/2bhVolume of a Pyramid