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  1. Deed
  2. Estate for Years
  3. Intangible Personal Property
  4. Life Estate
  5. Devise
  1. a Transfer of real property by means of a last will and testament.
  2. b Estate of real property the duration of which is measured by the life or lives of one or more persons.
  3. c Property that represents a set of rights that have no existence but that do represent control or ownership of something of value.
  4. d Written document that transfers ownership of real property from one person to another.
  5. e Estate of real property the duration of which is for a definite period.

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  1. Automobiles, televisions and clothes.
  2. Exists when a fee simple is subject to a power in the grantor (person who conveyed the fee) to recover the conveyed estate on the happening of a specified event.
  3. Inheritance, Devise, Gift, Sale and Adverse Possession
  4. Legal document by which a person disposes of his property. A will takes effect on the death of the maker of the will.
  5. The transfer of title of some of all of the ownership rights to real property from one person to another. A conveyance is usually by instrument such as a deed, lease, or mortgage.

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  1. Examples of FixturesAir conditioning units, dishwashers, shelving, counters.


  2. WasteAction or nonaction that causes a loss of value to real property.


  3. Types of Modern Day Estates in Real PropertyFee Simple (Fee Simple Absolute), Fee Simple Determinable, Fee Simple on Condition Subsequent, Life Estate, Estate for Years, Estate at Will.


  4. Tangible Personal PropertyProperty that has a physical substance- something you can hold, see or hear.


  5. Examples of Intangible Personal PropertyA certificate of stock, bonds, patents, copyrights and intellectual property rights, such as software