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A Midsummer Night's Dream

True or False. Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stat ford.


True or False. Shakespeare received his college degree from a university in London.


True or False. Shakespeare married an older woman when he was only eighteen.


True or False. Actors depended on sold out audiences to support themselves.


True or False. Women's parts were played by young boys.


True or False. Scenery used in the plays was often donated by wealthy patrons.


True or False. Elaborate costumes were often borrowed from wealthy patrons.


Shakespeare's acting troupe was referred to as:

The Kings Men

An actor that Shakespeare frequently wrote dramatic line for was:

Richard Burbage

A flag flew here to announce an afternoon performance


Often actors that "died" could slip away

trap doors

hid machinery for accents and descents


Underside of the roof, highly decorated


A dressing or waiting room for actors

tiring rooms

Patron who stood during performances


What has two line rhymes and is at character's exit or end of scene?


What has five feet, ten syllables, and unrhymed iambic pentameter?

Blank verses

What is a normal speech?


Shakespeare's theater was called

the Globe (or wooden O)

____ was a published collection of Shakespeare's great works


Shakespeare's drama shared lessons and stores from the bible through


Shakespeare's dram was written to be


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