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Lit Terms Idiom is not the same definition Mr. Bromley wrote// neither is characterization// I am also missing one, message me if you have it//


an indirect reference to a generally well-known body of information (Achilles heel)


verbal humor evoked by playing on different meanings of the same word or of different words of the same sound


An expression that cannot be understood if taken literally (ex- "Get your head out of the clouds").


a situation, thing, incident (etc) that runs throughout a literary work and is often elaborated into a more general theme


the omission from a sentence of a word(s) that would be required for complete clarity but which can usually be understood from the context


a rhetorical figure in which the speaker addresses a dead or absent person or an abstraction or inanimate object


the high point of the plot; the turning point of the story


the use of an agreeable or non-offensive word or expression for one that is harsh or unpleasant


the author's expression of a character's personality through the use of action, dialogue, thought, or commentary by the narrator or another character


a figure of speech that replaces the name of one thing with the name of something closely associated with it
(The press for journalism) (The bottle for alcoholic drink)

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