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  1. Hubris
  2. Dissertation
  3. Parable
  4. Annals
  5. Oration
  1. a Narratives of historical events recorded year by year. Annals were frequently written long after the events recorded had taken place, the dating being speculative, especially when efforts were being made to "synchronize" events in secular and in Biblical or ecclesiastical history. The term annals in modern times is used loosely for historical narrative. "The short and simple annals of the poor." -Gray's reference
  2. b A formal speech delivered in an impassioned manner...heard but rarely in legislative halls, the courtroom, the church
  3. c An illustrative story teaching a lesson (allegory)
  4. d A formal exposition written to clarify some scholarly problem. It is sometimes used interchangeably with thesis, but the usual practice is to reserve dissertation for the more elaborate projects written and to limit the use of thesis to smaller enterprises submitted for the bachelor's or master's degree
  5. e Overweening pride or insolence that results in the misfortune of the protagonist of a tragedy...leads the protagonist to break a moral law, attempt vainly to transcend normal limitations, or ignore a divine warning with calamitous results

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  1. A pamphlet; argumentative document on some religious or political topic
  2. A brief subjunctive poem strongly marked be imagination, melody, and emotion, and creating a single, unified impression
  3. A term describing one or another of the poetic genres that are short and possess marked descriptive, narrative, and pastoral qualities
  4. A "reducing to absurdity" to show the falsity of an argument or position
  5. Writing that ridicules a subject inherently noble or dignified

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  1. AdaptationThe rewriting of a work from its original form to fit it for another MEDIUM; also the new form of such a rewritten work. A NOVEL may be adapted for the STAGE, MOTION PICTURES, TELEVISON; a PLAY may be rewritten as a novel. The term normally implies an attempt to retain the chief CHARACTERS, ACTIONS, and as much as possible of the language and tone of the original.


  2. Stock charactersMethod that uses question-and-answer formula


  3. Pathetic fallacyA phrase coined by Ruskin to denote the tendency to credit nature with human emotions...any false emotionalism resulting in a too impassioned description of nature


  4. RelativismThe denial of the validity of principles that are everlasting, ubiquitous, changeless, and absolute.


  5. Noble savageA novel in which actual persons are presented under the guise of fiction


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