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Formula for PE

GPE (J) = weight (N) x height (M)

Formula for KE

KE = 1/2 MV²

Law of Conservation of Energy

energy neither created nor destroyed, only transformed or transferred. Energy absorbed = energy released

Energy efficiency

Ratio of useful energy to total energy

Energy Conservation

Saving total amount of energy to begin with

TE (not def)

KE increases, TE increases, temp increases, only 40% usuable


moves from 1 place to another


changes from 1 type to another


subjective, descriptions


objective, measurements, real numbers


set of numbers close to one another


numbers closest to the true value


stored energy due to object being above ground


force on objects/substances in contact; resists motion


movement of TE from hot to cold (b/c of temp dif)


measure of average energy per molecule

Scientific Law

any theory not disproven (disproved)

Chemical (PE)

energy stored in bonds of atoms

Light (KE)

energy transferred by rapid movement of electromagnetic fields

Sound KE

energy transferred by vibration of object

Nuclear PE

energy stored in nucleus of atoms

Elastic PE

energy stored by stretching or compresion

Electric (static) PE

energy stored by buildup of charges (electrons or ions)

Electric (current) KE

movement of charge/energy from 1 place to another


process by which energy is transferred dicrectly when materials touch


Materials w/structure that easily allows energy transfer (ex. copper)

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