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The pharynogotympanic tubes, which drain the middle ear, open into the _


Cilia of the trachea that beat continually propel contaminated mucus _

toward the throat to be swallowed or spat out

NOT true of inspiration _

relaxation of the external intercostal muscles helps increase the size of the thoracic cavity

Most carbon dioxide is transported within blood plasma as _

bicarbonate ion

The most important chemical stimuli leading to increased rate and depth of breathing is _

increased carbon dioxide in the blood

The three mucosa covered projections into the nasal cavity that greatly increase surface area of mucosa exposed to air are called _


The process of moving air into and out of the lungs is commonly called breathing or _


Gas exchange between the blood and tissue cells is called _

internal respiration

During internal respiration, the blood gas _ diffuses into the bloodstream.


Which one of the following is the correct sequence of events that follows a threshold potential: a. potassium channels open and potassium ions diffuse outward while sodium is actively transported out of the cell
b. sodium channels open and sodium ions diffuse inward
c. the membrane becomes repolarized.
d. the membrane becomes depolarized

1. sodium channels open and sodium ions diffuse inward
2. the membrane becomes depolarized
3. potassium channels open and potassium ions diffuse outward while sodium is actively transported out of the cell
4. the membrane becomes repolarized.

Loss of muscle coordination results from damage to the:


Collections of nerve cell bodies inside the CNS are called _


The hypothalamus regulates the _ gland.


Cerebrospinal fluid is formed from blood by the _

choroid plexus

The process of swallowing is also known as _


The innermost layer of the alimentary canal is referred to as the _


Large wrinkle like folds in the stomach lining, present when the stomach is empty, that allow for expansion when the stomach is filling are called _


The voluntary process of placing food into the moth is referred to as _


Amino acids that cannot be made by human body cells and therefore must be ingested in the diet are said to be _

essential amino acids

The bad lipoprotein that transports cholesterol and other lipids to body cells is called _


_ are finger like projections of the mucosa of the small intestines


Good cholesterol transporting molecules that bring cholesterol to the liver for breakdown _


What do pulmonary veins do?

transport oxygenated blood to the heart

the outermost to the innermost layer of a blood vessel wall is layered _ _ _

1. tunica externa
2. tunica media
3. tunica intima.

Varicose veins are caused by

incompetent venous valves

The organ largely responsible for the synthesis of clotting factors is the _


The sinoatrial node is often called the _


During diastole, the pressure in the heart is _


The last part of the intrinsic conduction system of the heart that directly supplies the walls of the ventricles is the _

purkinje fibers

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