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Latin is a dead language Dead as can be First it killed the Romans Now it's killing me!

Germani multum ab hac consuetudine differunt

The Germans differ much from this custom

Nam neque druides habent, qui rebus divinis praesunt, neque sacrificiis student

For they do not have Druids who are in charge of divine matters nor do they engage in sacrifices.

deorum numero eos solos ducunt, quos cernunt et quorum aperte opibus iuvantur, Solem et Vulcanum et Lunam, reliquos ne fama quidem acceperunt

They consider in the number of the Gods only those whom they see and by whose resources they are openly assisted the Sun and Volcan and the moon, the rest they have not even heard of by rumor.

Vita omnis in venationibus atque in studiis rei militaris consistit: ab parvulis labori ac duritiae student

(Their) whole life consists in hunting and in pursuit of military business: from childhood they practice hardship and discipline.

qui diutissime impuberes permanserunt, maximam inter suos ferunt laudem: hoc ali staturam, ali vires nervosque confimari putant

Those who have remained chaste for the longest time bear the greatest praise among their own (people): the think (that) height is developed, that strength is developed and that muscles are built up in this way

agriculturae non student, maiorque pars eorum victus in lacte, caseo, carne consistit

They do not practice agriculture and the greater part of their food consists in milk, cheese (and) meat

neque quisquam agri modum certum aut fines habet proprios

Nor does anyone have a fixed limit of land or their own (private property).

civitatibus maxima laus est quam latissime circum se vastatis finibus solitudines habere

It is the greatest praise for cities to have wastelands as widely as possible, with the borders having be devastated around them

hoc proprium virtutis existimant, expulsos agris finitimos cedere, neque quemquam prope audere consistere; simul hoc se futuros ess tutiores arbitrantur repentinae incursionis timore sublato

They think that this is a characteristic of virtue, that neighbors having been driven out of the fields withdraw, that not anyone dares to settle nearby; at the same time they think that they will be safer in this way without the fear of a sudden attack having been removed.

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