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arma, armorum (n pl)

arms, weapons

cursus, cursus (m)

running, race; course

luna, lunae (f)


occasio, occasionis (f)

occasion, opportunity

parens, parentis (m/f)


stella, stellae (f)

star, planet

vesper, vesperis or vesperi (m)

evening; evening star

mortuus, mortua, mortuum


princeps, (gen: principis)

chief, foremost

ut, (conj. + subj.)

in order that, so that, that, in order to, so as to, to; indicative: as, when

ne, (adv. and conj. with subj. of command and purpose)

(adv. and conj. with subj. of command and purpose, not; in order that.......not, that.......not, in order not to)

cedo, cedere, cessi, cessum

to go, withdraw; yield to, grant, submit

dedico, dedicare, dedicavi, dedicatum

to dedicate

egeo, egere, egui
(+ abl. or gen.)

to need, lack, want

expleo, explere, explevi, expletum

to fill, fill up, complete

praesto, praestare, praestiti, praestitum

to excel; exhibit, show, offer, supply, furnish

taceo, tacere, tacui, tacitum

to be silent, leave unmentioned

fatum, fati (n)

fate, death

ingenium, ingenii (n)

nature, innate talent

moenia, moenium (n) (pl)

walls of a city

nata, natae (f)


osculum, osculi (n)


sidus, sideris (n)

constellation, star

dignus, digna, dignum (abl)

worthy, worthy of

durus, dura, durum

hard, harsh, rough

tantus, tanta, tantum

so large, so great

denique (adv)

at last, finally

ita (adv)

so, thus

quidem (adv)

indeed, certainly, at least

sic (adv)

so, thus

tam (adv)

to such a degree

vero (adv)

in truth, indeed, to be sure

condo, condere, condidi, conditum

to put together, store, establish

contendo, contendere, contendi, contentum

to strive, struggle, contend

mollio, mollire, mollivi, mollitum

to soften, make calm

pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatum

to fight

respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsum

to answer

surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectum

to get up, arise

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