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Dissolved Oxygen

oxygen available in water that is " breathed" by fish and other animals, the oxygen is passed by the water going through the fishes gills. If the oxygen drops than the fish will die

sustainable water use

where the amount of water that is being used is sustainable and is available for future generations.

Soil Texture

% composition of diff sized mineral particles (sand, silt, clay)


bigger than pencil eraser


bigger than a fist


bigger than a baskeball


.05-mm, pencil point, biggest


.002-.05, invisible, middle


<.002, invisible, smallest


charged particles, skittles


40% sand, 40% silt, 20% clay, ideal soil

soil properties affected by soil texture

Aeration, Drainage(percolation), nutrient holding, water holding, workability

Soil acidity

how much acid is in the soil, affects plants and is affected by the plants, low pH increases leaching


coniferous soil, acidic evergreens, high E horizon


"our" soils, thick A horizon, leaf decomposition slowed by cold


"soft" grassland soild thick A


arid desert soild, thin A


oxidized tropical rain forest soils, leaching, no litter, thin A

Sustainable Soil Use

using soil smartly so that there will b the same amount in the future

Soil erosion

wind or water removing soil

American Dust Bowl

overgrazing, drought and soil erosion

Nutrient mineral depletion

agricultural removal of plants that break cycle

Tropical rainforest depletion

tropical forest removal or large scale slash and burn

Degradation of African Sahel

Overgrazing from population, drought dust scatters across atlantic and bleaches=kills coral reefs

Soil Salinization

Improper irrigation ,leads to a bunch of salt building up and kills plants

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