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what is the big danger to staff when caring for a client with cesium implant?

radiation hazard

what are the three principles to protect yourself from radiation hazard?

time, distance, shielding

will the woman with a cesium implant have a foley?


from where should the nurse provide care to the client with cesium implant?

head of the bed

how can the woman with cesium implant move in bed?

only from side to side

what four symptoms should be reported to the MD

profuse vaginal discharge, elevated temp, nausea, vomiting

these indicate infection and perforation

should the pregnant staff care for a client with cesium implant?


can the woman with a cesium implant have the HOB elevated?

yes only 45 degrees max

from where should the nurse talk to the client

the entrance of the room

is bed rest necessary when a woman has cesium implant in place?

yes absolute bed rest

what type of diet is this woman on?

low residue

no nurse should attend the client more than ______ hours per day

one half hour

what would you do if the implant came out?

pick it up with forceps only- never touch with hand even if you are wearing gloves

should the nurse provide peri care for the client with an implant?

no, risk of radiation hazard

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