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most common types of oxygen delievery appliances

nasal cannula,simple mask,vinturi mask,open face tent,resevoir mask

why is the water used when oxygen is being administered

bc the water bubbles

describe the reason a venturi mask would be used

for a specific amount of oxygen,and so it doesnt dry out mucus membranes

what is the limit of oxygen flow rate for the patient with COPD?


how frequently should the patient with tracheostomy tube be suctioned

as needed and what the dr.s orders say

how long will the nurse do pharyngeal suctioning?

10-15 seconds

the nurse will wait a short time between each entry when suctioning a pt why?

so they can breathe

safest way to clear an airway


suctioning should not be attempted if the patient is capable of coughing up their sputum why?

bc they dont need it if they have a productive cough

why does the nurse apply suction only when withdrawing the catheter from the oropharynx?

so tissue damage doesnt occur

what is the purpose of percussion

to check the lungs

why must the nurse estavlish a way of communicating with the pt before the tracheostomy is performed?

bc he will not be able to talk post-op

after the tracheostomy has been performed the pt will not be able to smell why?

can't breathe threw nose

after the tracheostomy has been performed the pt will not be able to talk to produce sound why?

bc the trach blocks off the voice box

after the tracheostomy has been performed the pt will require humidification of air entering the lungs why?

bc they will dry out

why is oropharyngeal suctioning a sterile procedure requiring sterile gloves and sterile technique?

so bacteria doesnt cause infection


incision into the trachea with insertion of a tube.

what is the purpose of a obturator?


purpose of inner cannula

maintain airway patency

why does the pt with a new tracheostomy need to be in a room close to the nurses station

to communicate and so extubation doesnt occur

why should the pt and significant other be allowed to watch dressing changes for a new tracheostomy

so they can feel more comfortable and know how to take proper care once at home

what flow rate of o2 should a simple face mask be at to prevent Co2 poisoning

nothing under 6LPM

purpose of a ope face mask?

provides o2 and extra moisture

discuss why the conscious pt does not tolerate the oral airway

bc uncomfortable and interferes with talking and eatting

purpose of nasal trumpet

acts as a guide for suction cath

discuss the purpose of the endotracheal tube

to intabate

problems with simple face mask

difficult to eat and drink

problems with endotracheal tube

no oral intake, no speaking

if the pt accidentally coughs out his tracheostomy tube what should the nurse do?

put it back in

what pressure should be used when performing or pharyngeal suctioning?


purpose of icentive spyrometer

to loosen up secreations

why does encourging fluid intake assist the pt in liquefying secretions to be coughed up?

so they dont get pheunmonia

when receiving oxygen thearpy, how is the oxygen humidified?

with sterile water

outer cannula

holds hole open

inner cannula

keeps airway patient




24 breathes per min


low o2 in blood

cheyne-stokes respirations

pattern of apnea-shallow-deeper-shallow-apnea

kussmalu respirations

rapid and deep

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