14 terms

Chapter 6 Exam

Scientific Revolution
New way to think about the natural world
Geocentric theory
Earth-centered view of the universe
Nicolaus Copernicus
Polish cleric and astronomer who reasoned that the earth and the stars revolve around the sun
Heliocentric theory
Sun-centered view of the universe
Johannes Kepler
Brilliant mathematician, mathematically proved that the planets revolve around the sun
Scientific Method
Logical procedure for gathering and testing ideas
Francis Bacon
Urged scientists to experiment
Rene Descartes
Believed everything should be doubted until proved by reason
Issac Newton
Made a law of gravity stating that every object in the universe attracts every other object
Thomas Hobbes
Humans are naturally selfish and wicked
Social Contract
People give up rights to create a stable government
John Locke
People are reasonable and can govern their own affairs
Published 70 books on politics, philosophy, history, drama
Studied political liberty and believed in Separation of powers among three branches of government