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First Estate


Second Estate

Rich nobles-2%

Third Estate

97% of the people, 80%peasants, BOURGEOISIE

Louis XVI

Weak, timid, young, inexperienced, was unable to correct France's problems

Tennis Court Oath

3rd estate mtg. to write a new constitution

July 14th

Symbolic act of the French Revolution and the French holiday

Declaration of the Rights of Man

Document that stated men are born free and equal; Dissolved the estate system

Maximilian Robespierre

Lender of Committee of Public safety, executed anyone that disagreed with the revolution

Coup d' etat

overthrow of the government with the use of the military

Napoleonic Code

System of laws in France that promoted order and authority over individual rights

Battle of Trafalgar

Britain fought France for control of Europe


The site where the French fought the Brits, and the Prussians

Hundred Days

Period of time that Napoleon tries to regain political control of France


..., french leader who became a national hero and dictator after the revolution

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