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Modern World History chapter 11

The Great Reform Act
In1832 large towns and cities in Britain received greater representation in Parliament as a result of
Parliamentary Democracy
Though reforms that took place during the late 1800s, Britain transformed itself into
Farmers and wealth landowners, because they kept grain prices high
The British Corn Laws were supported by
Irish Catholics were allowed to vote and hold office
What did the Catholic Emancipation Act accomplish in Ireland in 1829?
Marxism gained only limited support among the British working class
One result of the social welfare reforms passed in Great Britain in the early 1900s was that
Franco-Prussian War
What war brought an end to France's 2nd empire?
Theodore Herzl helped to launch modern Zionism
What was a result of widespread anti-semitism in Europe in the late 1800s?
Created a system of free public elementary schools
In order to repress the involvement of the Catholic Church in French government, reformers
The 1st women's right convention
In 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized
Populist Party
In the 1890s, US farmers joined city workers to support the
Rural towns that had an unfairly large # of representatives in Parliament
Rotten boroughs in Britain were
Secret Ballots
The Chartist movement in Britain demanded
A united Italy became a rival on France's border
What happened after the French helped Italian nationalists defeat Austria in the mid-1800s?
Conservative Party
By the 1860s Benjamin Disraeli had forged the old Tory Party into the modern
Just know this
New Laws Limited women and children to a 10hr work day
Socialists and union members
when it was founded in 1900, the British Labour Party was primarily made up of
Irish Nationalist Movement
Charles Stewart Parnell was a leading figure in the
Irish peasants paid high rents to british absentee landlords
In the 1800s what was a major reason why the Irish resented the British in Ireland?
Turn Mexico into a French satellite
Through the aid of Prince Maximillian, Napoleon III hoped to turn
The Fabian Society
Which of the following was a socialist group that had a strong influence on British politics?
Had no right to their own earnings
Under the Napoleonic Code, French married women
Georges Boulanger
What leader, backed by royalists and ultranationalists, was accused of plotting to overthrow the French
The end to slavery in the United States
William Lloyd Garrison pushed for what kind of social change?
Congress passed the 15th Amendment
African Americans were allowed to vote in the US when