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prenatal (2)

1. rapid physical development. in 8 weeks everything is there
2. shortest period
- conception to birth

Infancy (4)

1. gross motor skills
2. fine motor skills = holding, grasping, eye - hand
3. basic language development
4. social attachment

Early childhood (5)

1. established language
2. gender typing = know difference btw male/female
3. group play
4. preschool years
5. ends with a "readiness" for school
- 24months-6 years

Middle/late childhood (7)

1. team play
2. elementary school years
3. cognitive process becomes more mature
4. reading, writing, math skills are mastered
5. achievement becomes a central theme = rewards, punishment
6. self control increases
7. ends with the onset of puberty
- 6 years - 12 years

adolescence (4)

1. highest level of cognitive capacity is reached
2. physical maturation
3. independence from parents
4. sexual relationships develop
12 years -22 years

Early adulthood (5)

1. career development
2. mate selection
3. family development
4. gaining more economic independence
5. retirement planning begins
- 22 years - 45 years

Middle adulthood (3)

1. career reaches highest level or a 2nd career begins
2. self-assessment (mid life crisis)
3. planning retirement continues
- 45 year - 65 years

Late adulthood (7)

1. enjoy family achievements
2. confronting retirement
3. widowhood
4. health concerns
5. dependency issues
6. cognitive concerns = memory loss, alzeheimers
7. life review

Death (1)

1. can occur during any of the above mentioned periods

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