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Psychophysiological (5)

1. biological basis of thought & behavior
2. focus is on the brain & nervous system
3. human nature is passive & mechanical = b/c everything is pre-programmed in the genes (cannot change behavior)
4. behavior is determined by hereditary & biochemical processes
5. Theorists = Many, Roger Sperry (split brain procedures), Dr. Ben Carson (pediatric neurosurgeon - epilepsy, seizures)

Psychodynamic (5)

1. powerful inner drive shapes behavior
2. drives are unconscious
3. instinct driven (deeply imbedded in the mind)
4. behavior is determined by the genes & early experiences
5. Theorist = Sigmund Freud

Behavioristic (5)

1. Emphasizes the role of the environment in shaping behavior
2. focus is on overt or observable behaviors = everything you can see
3. the study of behavior as it relates to stimulus conditions = rewards, punishment
4. behavior is reactive & modifiable = ability to change
5. Theorist = John Watson

Cognitive (3)

1. examines both behavior & mental processes
2. Behavior is active & reactive
3. Theorist = Albert Bandura

Humanistic (6)

1. conscious experiences = complete aware
2. belief that people are basically good & have free will to choose their destiny
3. the central drive in personality is SELF-ACTUALIZATION, the drive to fulfill your potential
4. potential only flourishes in a supportive environment = basic needs are met
5. behavior is potentially self-directed
6. Theorists = Carl Rogers & Abraham Maslow

Cognitive = Theorist?


Psychosocial development = Theorist?


Psychosexual development = Theorist?


Moral development (Men) = Theorist?


Moral development (Women) = Theorist?


Responses of Death & Dying = Theorist?


Attachment = Theorist?


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