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Nat Field
a boy who goes through time travel
famous playwright that Nat meets
Queen Elizabeth
queen of England came to watch Midsummer Night's Dream
John Heminges
combat teacher
Henry Condell
tumbling teacher
Richard Burbage
director; playwright
silly person; bad at tumbling
Nick's friend, Master Condell is teacher
Mrs. Burbage
wife of Richard
Nat's best friend
enemy o Nat
Will Kempe
Shakespeare's friend and master of Nat
Mistress Fawcett
Shakespeare's maid
Earl of Essex
person that challenges Shakespeare, dangerous, doing something to prevent Spain and irelands from uniting to defeat England
nat's Dad
Nat's mmom
Aunt Jen
takes care of nat and visits him when he is at the hospital
tries to talk with Nat about politics, host at the London trip
Mrs. Fisher
takes care of nat when he's sick
Claire Fisher
Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Fisher's daughter
Ravi Singh
doctor for Nat
Nurse Jenkins
person that substitutes for Nurse Stevens
Nurse Stevens
Nurse that takes care of Nat when he is sick from the bubonic plague in the hospital
partner of Arby
stage manager for Arby
Rachel Levin
voice coach
Gil Warmum
friends with Rachel and Nat
Eric Sawyer
little guy in the company of boys
Ray Danza
big boy in the company of boys
Hy Schwartz
Arby says that he needs to cut his hair; actor in the company of boys
Pudding Face
person who drops Nat to the ground and was kicked out
director in the company of boys; bossy and mean; loud deep voice
Sam Gilbourne
actor; buys street food for a girl