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David Livingstone

Who believed that opening the interior of africa to Christianity and trade would end slavery

Henry Stanley

Who did King Leopold II hire to explore the Congo River basin and arrange trade and treaties with African leaders?

Ethiopia modernized and imported European weapons

Ethiopia was able to remain independent because...?

Gain access to the Mediterranean Sea

As the Ottoman Empire crumbled, Russia plotted to seize the Bosporus and Dardanelles in order to...?

Muhammad Ali

What ruler is sometimes called the "Father of modern Egypt" due to the reforms he made?

Trade Deficit

Economic situation that occurs when a nation imports more than in exports


Indian tradition of isolating women in separate quarters

Balance of Trade

The difference between how much a country imports and how much it exports

Trade Surplus

Economic situation that occurs when a nation exports more than it imports


Colony administered by local rulers with European advisors


The interest of Europeans in which country intensified after the discovery of oil?

Berlin Conference

At what conference did European powers agree to claim Africa had to set up government there?


Which country was able to preserve its independence by defeating Italian invaders in 1896?


In the Ottoman empire tensions between Turkish nationalist and ethnic groups seeking independence sparked genocide against the...?

Hong Kong

In the Treaty of Nanjing Britain gained control of...?

Parliament ended the rule of the East India Company

What was a result of the Sepoy Rebellion?

The Qing government survived but had to share power

What was the result of the Taiping Rebellion that began in china in 1850?

Defeat in the Sino-Japanese War

The 100 Days of Reform in China was parly ntought about by China's...?

Protect US trading rights in China

The purpose of the Open Door Policy was to...?

The discovery of gold and diamonds in Boer-held lands

The Boer War was sparked by...?

They saw natives as children in need of guidance

How did Catholic and Protestants missionaries view African natives?

Push for Indian self-rule

The Indian National Congress was formed to...?

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