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  1. compensate
  2. repentance
  3. surreptitious
  4. clandestine
  5. adament
  1. a determined
  2. b secret or sly
  3. c secret or sneaky
  4. d remorse for your past conduct, asking for forgiveness
  5. e to make up for

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  1. blending in with others
  2. to overlook or allow
  3. to overcome or rise above
  4. compliant and obedient to authority, submissive
  5. to caution or advise against something

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  1. relinquishto caution or advise against something


  2. retributiona person without morals, a sinner


  3. iratecommonplace, overused, stale


  4. erraticangry


  5. arduousto run off and hide