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Sem2 Physics Final Key Points 3

sound waves, light
sound waves
longitudinal waves formed by vibrations
pulse of low pressure air, spaced out molecules
pulse of compressed air, pushed-together molecules
relationship frequency and pitch
high pitched= high frequency
low pitched= low frequency
doppler effect
wave source approaches, an observer encounters waves with a higher frequency. waves source moves away, an observer encounters waves with lower frequency
sound speed with temp and density
higher temp=faster sound
lighter density=faster sound
forced vibrations
when an object is made to vibrate by another vibrating object nearby
when the frequency of a forced vibration on an object matches the objects natural frequency, equals louder sound/increased amplitude
electromagnetic wave
a light wave thats partly electric and partly magnectic produced by accelerating electric charges
electromagnetic spectrum
radio, micro, infrared, light, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma
electromagnetic wave speed
red+blue light=
red+green light=
blue+green light=
all light=
white pigment and black pigment
the aligning of vibrations in a transverse wave, usually by filtering out waves of other directions,
law of reflection
angle of reflection=angle of incidence
bending light
flat mirror images