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Which of the following is a population?

all of the redwood trees that live in a forest

To determine the density of a rabbit population, you would need to know the number of rabbits and _____.

the size of the area in which they live

In wild populations, individuals most often show a _____ pattern of dispersion.


Which of the following conditions favors big-bang reproduction?

low rates of offspring survival

In the models that describe population growth, r stands for _____.

per capita population growth rate

The number of individuals that a particular habitat can support with no degradation of the habitat is called _____.

carrying capacity

Which one of the following is regarded as a density-independent factor in the growth of natural populations?


A broad-based pyramid-shaped age structure is characteristic of a population that is _____.

growing rapidly
( An age-structure pyramid with a broad base means that many young individuals are prereproductive. Once they become reproductive, many individuals will result in the production of many offspring and an increase in the size of the population.)

Which of the following is the most accurate comment on Earth's carrying capacity for humans?

Our technology has allowed us to keep increasing K.
( At least it has so far.)

Which statement regarding human population growth is NOT true?

Human population growth was exponential until about 1650.

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