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Government's Structure

Legislature, executive and judiciary

Legislature's Members

President and members of parliament

Legislature's Function

Make the laws of the country

Executive's Members

President and cabinet

Executive's Function

Making policies, mapping out directions, goals and broad strategies to carry out these policies

Judiciary's Members

Chief Justice and judges in law courts

Judiciary's Function

Ensures that laws are justly carried out and laws passed do not breach the constituition

Goverment's Guiding Principles

Leadership is key, anticipate change and stay relevant, reward for work and work for reward and a stake for everyone, opportunities for all

Leadership Is Key

Leaders must have moral courage and integrity to do what is right and not what is popular with the people

Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant

Decisions made by the government need to be forward-looking

Reward for Work and Work for Reward

We can earn a living and safeguard our future only through our efforts and intelligence

A Stake for Everyone

We aim to create an inclusive society where citizens feel a sense of ownership and belonging

Government's Challenge 1

High traffic volume

Government's Challenge 2

Rapid population growth

Government's Challenge 3

Declining birth rate/population growth

Declining Birth Rate/Population Growth's Consequences

Unattractive to multinational companies and ageing population

Unattrative To Multinational Companies

Smaller consumer market and will not be able to produce enough talented people thus multinational corporations would find it difficult and perhaps more expensive to recruit Singaporeans.


Fewer men to recruit for National Service

Government Challenge 4

Ageing population

Government's Solution 1

Area licensing scheme, electronic road pricing, park-and-ride scheme and vehicle quota system

Area licensing scheme

Overhead gantries setup along the boundaries of restricted zones monitored by auxiliary police officers

Electronic Road Pricing

ERP gantries set up at designated spots

Park-and-Ride Scheme

Motorists could park their vehicles at specific car parks which were outside the city area

Vehicle Quota System

Land transport authority determined the number of new motor vehicles through the implementation of the certificate of entitlement system

Government Solution 2

Three five-year plans

Government Solution 3

The graduate mothers scheme, three or more if you can afford it policy, equalised medical benefits, grandparent caregiver relief, five day work week for the civil service, extended maternity leave and attracting foreign talent

Gradute Mothers Scheme

Entice graduate women with incentives to get married

Three Or More If You Can Afford It Policy

Encouraged parents to have three children or more by having publicity campaigns on the joys of parenthood and allowing the use of Medisave to pay for the delivery charges of the first three children

Equalised Medical Benefits

Both parents can make medical claims for their children from their employers

Grandparent Caregiver Relief

Income tax relief of three thousand dollars if a grandparent is helping the couple take care of their child

Five Day Work Week For The Civil Service

To allow for better work-life balance

Extended Maternity Leave

From eight to twelve weeks

Attracting Foreign Talent

Easier entry, subsidised housing and an attrative education package for children

Government Solution 4

'Many helpings hands' approach

'Many Helping Hands' Approach

Everyone has a part to play in helping the nation prepare for an ageing population

Individual Responsibility

Healthy lifestyle and financial planning

Healthy Lifestyle

Individual is encouraged to watch his diet and exercise regularly

Financial Planning

All Singaporeans are encouraged to plan early and be financially prepared for life in their old age

Family Support


Community Help


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