20 terms


All matter is made up of
Atoms are made up of
Protons, electrons, and neutrons
like or same
to make a complete circuit you need
D-cell, a bulb or motor, and wires
in a circuit
a switch opens and closes making the path complete or incomplete
you can tell if the material is a conductor or insulator by
using to try and make a complete circuit
connductors are
In a series circuit te components have to
share all of the electricity
if you are using two batteries in a series circuit they both have to be
facing the same way
you can make a magnet that turns on and off by
wrapping insulated wire around a steel rivet and connecting it to an electric circuit
To make a strong electromagnet you need to
Wrap the wire tightly between the head of the rivet and the first washer
The more winds of the wire on the electromagnet
the stronger the magnetism
tighter coils produce
a stronger electromagnet
all coils need to be wound in
the same direction
Thicker wire makes
a stronger electromagnet
a telegraph is an
electric communication device
the clicks produced by the telegraph can be made into
a code to send messages
a code is a
symbolic system used for information
Two connect two telegraphs for two way communication you have to
make two complete circuits