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what does an EEG measure?

measures electrical activity generated by the brain

when are there activity restrictions after an EEG?

only when sedatives are used and then only necessary to keep side rails up

should the client wash his or her hair before an EEG?


what would you tell a client who says what if i get shocked during my EEG?

that is impossible sicne the test meaures electrical activity coming FROM him, never TO him

does the client have to be NPO before an EEG?

no, they should never be NPO, it could cause hypoglycemia and alter the EEG

what instructions are most important to give to a client during the EEG

try not to move

what should the client do after an EEG

wash their hair

should sedatives be given before an EEG?

only if ordered as pretest medication

how much sleep should the client get the night before an EEG

at least 4-5 hours unles it is a sleep deprivation EEG

do you need a signed informed consent for an EEG?


should caffeine be limited before an EEG?

yes, it should be for 24 hours before the test

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