hemophilia is a _____ disorder
hemophilia A is a deficiency of factor #
during an acute bleeding episode, you should apply ___ for 15 min and apply ___
pressure and ice
the inheritance pattern for hemophilia is
sex linked recessive
in hemophilia the PTT is ___ the coagulation or clotting time is ____ and the platelet count is ____
ptt is up (increased, longer)
clotting time is up (increased, longer)
platelet count is not affected
what does hemarthrosis mean
bleeding into the joints
during bleeding into the joints, you should ___ the extremity
immobilize to prevent dislodging of the clots that do form
to treat hemarthrosis you should ____ the extremity above the ___
elevate, heart
what is the name of frozen factor VIII given to hemophiliacs
once you have stopped the bleeding into the joint how long should the patient wait before bearing weight or doing ROM
48 hours
what drug can you apply topically to stop bleeding?
epinephrine, or the topical fibrin foam
which of these symptoms are not seen in hemophilia? prolonged bleeding, petechia, ecchymosis, hematoma