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  1. quitter la maison
  2. se lever
  3. se brosser les dents
  4. Nous nous brossons les dents.
  5. You get dressed.
  1. a to get up / to stand up
  2. b Tu t'habilles.
  3. c to leave the house
  4. d to brush one's teeth
  5. e We brush our teeth.

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  1. to watch T.V.
  2. to go to bed
  3. to work
  4. to wake up
  5. You all go to bed.

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  1. s'habillerto dress oneself


  2. faire les devoirsto get up / to stand up


  3. She gets up.Elle se lève.


  4. écouter de la musiqueto leave the house


  5. I wake up.Elle se lève.


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