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science final

Eskers are glacial features formed when
deposit sand and gravel
one characteristic of glacial movement is that
accumulation and wastage
In a following glacier
uppermost layer is more brittle
a star s thought to be born when
nuclear fusion
which of the following is true of a rock that has the property of paleomagnetism
magnetic poles
according to the whole-mantle model of mantle convection
mantle plumes
which of the following is NOT evidence of sea-floor spreading
ice sheets across the planet
evidence about ancient climates indicate
India and Australia
which of the following statements about soil formation is true?
which of the following is true about stromalites?
precambrian algae
why is radiometric dating on sedimentary rock usually unsuccessful?
form from older rock particles
abyssal plains are very flat features that form when
turbity currents
the continental margins of the pacific ocean are
most oceanic gas hydrates form when
bacteria break down organic matter
index fossils allow geologists to
match rocks of the same age in different regions
the fact that mercury has no atmosphere is evidence that it
which of the following is true about asteroids?
recent impact craters
sinkholes can form when
carbon dioxide
which of the following is NOT a source of meteoroids?
rocky chunks
balance in the water cycle means that
average annual precipitaion equals ammount of water that evaporates
base level is what?
lowest point where a stream can erode its channel
limiting development on floodplains is effective because it what?
absorb floodwaters with little harm
a drainage basin is what?
land that contributes water to a stream
which of the following is one difference between the way terrestrial planets and Jovian planets formed
terrestrials were from metals and silicate minerals
scientists know the universe is expanding because of the
red shift of distant galaxies
according to the information recieved from radio telescopes, where is our sun positioned in our milky way?
within one of the spirals
approximately how long is a lightyear?
9.5 trillion km
the sun can continue to exist in the present stable state for about another?
15.5 billion years
why is chromatic aberration a problem for astronomers?
it weakens the images of stars
which type of spectrum does the radiation from most stars produce
absorption spectrum
a star's spectrum can tell astronomer's
the star's chemical composition
abrasion changes the desert surface by
cutting and polishing
springs form where
water table intersects the ground surface
which of the following results when divergence occurs within the oceanic lithosphere?
seafloor spreading
since humans have been present, the ammount of sediments carried by rivers has?
increased by 2.7
laterite soils contain high ammounts of?
iron oxide
pedalfer soils would be most likely be found
in the eastern half of the unites states
what kind of soil is found in the c horizon of a sol profile
partially weathered parent material
in which of the following areas will soil be greatest?
flat area in a warm, wet climate
the main source of organic matter in soil is?
which of the following weathering process involves the constant freezing and thawing of water?
frost wedging
radio telescopes measure the galaxy's distribution of
hydrogen from which stars are formed
which of the following is NOT a factor that affects the rate of weathering in rocks?
rock features such as the sculpted pinnacles seen in Bryce Canyon National Park are the result of what?
differental weathering
one major tectonic event that characterizes the late carboniferous period is
the formation of the supercontinent pangaea
radiocarbon dating is used to date
75,000 years ago
soil that forms on unconsoildated depsoits is called what?
transported soil
in general, the largest componet of bog soils is what?
organic matter
which of the following areas is NOT one of the three main regions of the ocean floor
continental rock
scientists use satellites to measure the
sea-surface height
what does sonar equipment measure?
the depth of the ocean floor
the densities of the Jovian planets are
not more than about 1.5
which of the following areas does NOT contain major deposits of energy resources
hudson bay
hydrogenous sediment is made up of
minerals that crystallize
from which type of material does biogenous material sediment form
once-living organisms
the principle of fossil succession states that different types of fossil organisms
succeed one another in a definite order
during the cenozoic era, tectonic movement and thus, major geogrpahic formations took place
in western north america
which of the following does NOT occur at a subduction zone?
leading edges are bent downward