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ROSS IS ME! MOD 3, The Digestive System, Ch 17, Matching/Review

The Digestive System Chapter 17 Human Body in Health & Disease (A&P) Thibodeau
Food that is absorbed & used by body cells is known as:
Another word for mouth is:
oral cavity
Hanging down from the center of the soft palate is the __________ which helps prevent food/liquids from entering the nasal cavity and assists in speech and swallowing.
The _____________ attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth.
There are four types of teeth.
incisors, canines, premolars, molars
What are incisors?
front teeth
What is another name for canine teeth?
What is another name for premolars?
What is another name for molars?
Describe incisors:
sharp cutting edge
Describe canine (cuspid) teeth:
pointed, pierces and tears foods
What is a crown?
visable tooth the
What is the function of the gastrointestinal system?
digestion (pg 488)
Describe the molars (tricuspids)?
larger surface with several grinding or crushing sharp points on the surface
Define crown.
portion that is exposed and visible in the mouth
Define enamel.
the hardest material made by the body
Define pharynx.
another name for throat
Define dental caries.
most common and largest mouth disease, also known as tooth decay
Define gingivitis.
inflammation of the gums
What is another name for thrush?
oral candidiasis
Define thrush.
a yeastlike (fungal) infection of the mouth
What is a cleft lip and cleft palate?
most common forms of cngential defect affectng the mouth, they occur alone or together
What are the three pairs of salivary glands?
parotid glands, submandibular glands, sublingual glands
What are parotid glands?
largest gland that lies below and in front of each ear at the angle of the jaw
What are submandibular glands?
open into the mouth on either side of the lingual frenulum
What arae sublingual glands?
open into the floor of the mouth
What is saliva?
contains a mucus and a digestive enzyme called salivary amylase
What is leukoplakia?
white patches in the mouth that can develope from tobacco
Define Mumps.
viral infection that affects the parotid gland
Define gastroenteritis.
inflammation of the stomach and small intestines
Define cholelithiasis.
condition of having stones
Define diverticulitis.
acute constipation resulting from intestinal blockage, inflammation of abnormal saclike outpouchings of intestinal wall
What is peritonitis?
bacterial infection or another irritating condition
What is hepatilitis?
inflammation of the liver
What is the esophagus?
tube like structure that connects the mouth and the stomach
What does the salivary gland produce?
Define stomach.
contains the sections that are called the fundus, body and pylorus
What is the function of the large intestine?
absorbs water, salted vitamins
What does the gallbladder do?
stores bile
What does the liver produce?