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Pre- 1890 involvment

Seward- Alaska, Mexico
Expansion and Imperialism- Henry cabot lodge
Hawaii- Missionaries
Venzuela- boarder dispute

Spanish American War

- Depression in cuba
-cubans revolt
-USS Maine explodes/ yellow journalism
- Mcklinley demands ignored, sends message of war

Spanish American War causes

cuban independence
Platt ammendment- US has righ tto get involved in foreign and domestic policy
got Puerto Rico and Guam


-open door policy- noone can interfere with US trade in china, cant impose discriminatory duties on US goods

Boxer Rebellion

atack foreigners- forces brough tin to break up and Hawaii was annexed


Russo- Japanese war- school segregation, limited immigration

JAPAN- Gentlemens agreemenet

allow japanese in schools if they limit hte passports theyre giving out


US recognized japans need in china to keep on good side


respected japanese need of China


US helped revolt against colombia and then bought land on panama canal-REAL POLITIC

Roosevelt Corallary

US can intervene in all nations in western hemisphere- extended monroe doctrine

Dollar Diplomacy

Using nations economic power to exert influence on other countries


conflicts in mexico- US goes to step in- doesnt want there help
Germany tries to ally with them- Zimmerman note


England, France, Russia,

Central Powers

Germany, Austria Hungary, Italy


fall of automan empire- nations want parts of it
assasination of Archudke Ferdinand by serbians

US involvment

lusitania, sussex, sussex pledge

Wilsons 14 Point Plan

- Self determination
- Neutral seas
- League of nations

Red Scare

spread of communism in russia

Espionage Act


Bolshevicks take over russia


Treaty of Versailles

strip germany of colonies, pay high reparations, acknowledge they started the war, limit army, League of nations
US senate would not approve

Election of 1820

NORMALCY and isolationism

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