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Chapter 6 Study Questions

Rotating an M until is it recognized as a W is evidence that we can process information in____.
STM visually
Remembering how to ride a bike, swim, or write your name are examples of___.
Procedural memory
When william James talked about primary memory, he was referring to what we now call___.
Extreme stress indicates
Hippocampus may dysfunction and the amygdala becomes overactive
Retroactive interference of long-term memory means
New material interferes with remembering old material
We give meaning to the raw information entering our sensory registers during the process of___.
A dog owner hears her dog bark at night while she sleep but doesn't hear the other dogs. Whose theory of sensory register operation does this best support?
Fact that more people recognize that M and M are the same letter faster than they recognize that M and m are the same letter is evidence that..
Some verbal material in short-term memory is stored in visual form.
Someone a short distance away, to whom you have been paying no attention, quietly speaks your names, and suddenly you are attending to that conversion. That is best explained by___
Treisman's modified filter theory
Our memories of general knowledge items such as the meanings of words of the dates of famous historical even are stored in___.
semantic memory
Pathological conditions involving severe memory loss usually result from..
brain damage
When environmental factors that were present during learning are absent during recall, the effort to remember is often less successful. This is known as...
cue-dependent forgetting
Grandpa can remember childhood things but not things from a few days ago. This is because..
Proactive interference
Your memories of personal information such as what you wore to work yesterday or what you ate for breakfast this morning are stored in___
episodic memory
Short-term memories seem to be located primarily in the
pre-frontal and temporal cortex
Procedural memories appear to be stored primarily in the___.
Mastering a skill to the point that you achieve fluid, immediate performance in it, such as expert typing, is called___.
Tim studies. He remember what studied 5 hours again but not 10 minutes ago. Tim's memory problem is best explained by..
Proactive interference
The process in which new visual information constantly replaces old visual information in the sensory registers almost immediately, is called..
According to___theory, people use past reactions and experience to organize and interpret their perception of a present episode.
Explicit memories are most similar to
declarative memories
Proactive interference of long-term memory means___,
old material interferes with remembering new material
Material is best transferred from short-term to long-term memory through
In the SQ3R method, which of the following choices come first?
A set of beliefs or expectation about something that is based on past experience is a ..
Rote repetition is another name for..
maintenance rehearsal
Remembering an acquaintance's name because she has the same initial as our is an exmaple of___.
mnemonic devicw
Working memory is the original name of ____ memory.
The phenomenon whereby most people cannot recall events that occurred when they were babies is called___.
Infantile amnesia
Memory for information that was intentionally committed to memory or intentionally retrieved from memory is called___.
explicit memory
An old joke about an elephant has memory problems and bartender tried to help with his problem. The elephant asks what problem?Why does he say this?
He has issues with STM
Which of the following is not true of schemas?
They are part of short-term memory
Someone studying while mildly anxious taking a test while mild anxious will remember what she studied better due to..
State-dependent memory
Feeling enraged at the sight of a burning cross in someone's yard is example of..
Emotional memory
Most evidence supporting decay theory comes from___studies.
Someone asks who the 21 president is, you don't know. They say, the person name is same as large city on Lake Erie, you still dont know. So they say it's Thomas bayard, or Grover Cleveland. You suddenly get it, Grover. In this situation Grover acted as a
Retrieval cue