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Chapter 9 Study Questions

Today, psychologist see emotions as
Essential to survival
The hunger and satiety centers are located int he
The state of tension created by biological needs is called an
the correction sequential order of maslow's hierarchy of motives from motives from most complex and human to most primitive is
self-actualization, esteem, belongingness, safety, physiological
A famed psychologist claims that motivated behaviors result from an effort to reduce tension caused by bodily needs such as hunger or thirst. This psychologist's philosophy most closely matches___theory.
Researchers believe that___factors predisposed people to feel happy or unhappy in a wide range situations.
stable personality
According to Maslow, the most highly evolved motive is___.
All human behavior that is intended to inflict physical or psychological harm on other is known as___behavior.
Which of the following would be most likely to result from the curiosity motive?
reading the description of a strange looking pierce of machinery at the museum
In Harlow's classic experiments, frightened infant monkeys ran to a surrogate "mother" that offered..
warmth and closeness
Zorba enjoys toying with his set of car keys while he is talking. These key probably satisfy his___need.
If we doubt a person's verbal report of the emotion he or she is feeling, which of the following would be the most reliable nonverbal indicator to check?
facial expressions
Which of the following situation does not illustrate how a stimulus motive can direct behavior?
People who are used to eating dinner 6 P.M feel hungrier as dinnertime approaches.
The person who climbs a mountain "because it is there" is responding to__.
Intrinsic motivation
Some psychologists believe that behavior is motivated by the body's attempts to achieve a state of balance in which of the body function effectively, or
Frank feels the need to prove his masculinity. Learning theorist believe his reason for his aggression is..
Frank imitated his father, who did the same thing.
According to the Yerkes-Dodson law, intense arousal would not be conducive to
Studying for an exam
The theory of emotion which claims that when we see a bear, there are physiological changes, but we then use information about the situation to tell us how a respond to those changes, is the___theory.
According to Zajonc, cognition come___emotions.
Plutchik proposes that human beings have___basic categories of emotions.