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Lincoln Steffans
The Shame of the Cities; Examined political corruption in cities across the United States
Ida Tarbell
History of Standard Oil Company; Exposed the ruthless tactics of the Standard Oil Company
Jacob Riis
How the Other Half Lives; Living conditions of the urban poor; focused on tenements.
Theodore Dreiser
The Financier and The Titan; Novelist who portrayed the avarice and ruthlessness of an industrialist
Thomas Nast
Political cartoonist; Political corruption by NYC's political machine, Tammany Hall, led by Boss Tweed.
Ida B. Wells
A Red Record; Provided statistics on the lynching of African-Americans.
Frank Norris
The Octopus; This fictional book exposed monopolistic railroad practices in California.
Upton Sinclair
The Jungle; Investigated dangerous working conditions and unsanitary procedures in the meat-packing industry.