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Interpersonal Communication
According to Maslow, which need is at the top, or apex, of his hierarchy?
An I-Thou relationship is characterized by
Seeing things from another's point of view
Which of the following models of human communication is considered by your text to be the most elaborate, yet accurate, depiction of interpersonal communication?
transactional communication model
Which of the following was an issue defined by your text as important to understanding interpersonal communication?
transactional communication model
Which of the following is an element found in the linear communication model?
one way communication
Dyadic communication involves
two people.
Intrapersonal communication involves
one person.
Meta-communication involves
communication about communication.
Relationship information is primarily communicated
through nonverbal communication.
Quantitative approaches to research
often use controlled settings such as an experimental laboratory
The textbook suggests that which of the following is true about the relationship between gender and its impact upon communication?
women and men communicate in similar ways
Which of the following is NOT a factor that influences one's communication decisions?
sexual orientation
Auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory, and oral are all examples of channels.
In an I-It relationship we are less likely to treat others as objects.
The linear communication model conceptualizes communication as a simplistic one-way form of communication.
Gender, unlike biological sex, is something that is learned.
Whether or not we intend to communicate, our words and actions can communicate meanings to others.
Communication unfolds over time through a series of interconnected actions carried out by participants. This statement best describes which of the following features of communication?
The field of communications that examines how people use words to compel audiences to change or solidify their beliefs is best described by which of the following?
Speech and rhetorical studies
After which of the following events did communication become a distinct academic field?
World War II
Scholars describe the central question of the communication process as:
If who says what, through what channels of communication, to whom, what will be the results?
Which of the following models of communication best characterizes text-messaging, e-mail, and spam?
Which model illustrates the active role that receivers play in the construction of meaning in a communication event?
If we perceive a relationship with another as I-Thou, according to Buber we are
treating the other as a unique individual.
To impress a blind date, Wen brings flowers and gives many compliments in order to seem likable and thoughtful. Which interpersonal goal is Wen trying to achieve?
Terri says to Jorge, "I'm glad we can be so open with each other." This is an example of which of the following
What are a person's learned evaluative appraisals, ranging from positive to negative responses about themselves and others?
Thoughts and convictions that an individual holds to be true are called
Enduring principles of what is good or bad and right or wrong are called
Self-concept can best be characterized as
perceptions we have about ourselves.
What are a person's learned evaluative appraisals, ranging from positive to negative responses about themselves and others?
A self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when
predictions cause you to act in ways that help make the predictions come true.
Which of the following is true about self-concept?
Which of the following is a risk of self-disclosure?
According to social penetration theory, what is the layer in which a person's attitudes, beliefs, and opinions are disclosed?
intermediate layer
What does post-cyber-disclosure panic mean?
The realization that our personal e-mail disclosure may be read by others.
According to the Johari Window, the components of the self that are known to others but not to you are called the unknown area.
Social penetration refers to the gradual process of shedding the layers of the self and increasing the level of physical intimacy in our personal relationships.
Our self-fulfilling prophecies can result in both positive and negative outcomes in our future behavior.
Gender is a set of behaviors learned through the process of socialization that begins at birth and continues with our families.
Your self-concept is based upon the sets of beliefs, attitudes, and values your significant others have about you.
Gina notices that the most popular girls in school wear Seven jeans. When Gina goes shopping with her mom, she says that she does not want generic jeans anymore, because she has to have the Seven brand. This example illustrates which of the following
Social comparison
Joi is sure that she is going to make a fool out of herself when she has to give a presentation in class. She is so convinced of this that she forgets what she is supposed to say and runs out of the room embarrassed. What happened to Joi is an example of which of the following?
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Which of the following theories suggests that self-esteem is determined by how the ideal self compares to the ought self?
Self-discrepancy theory
Which of the following attachment styles is characterized by simultaneously having a need to be loved and an inability to trust love?
According to the textbook, which of the following is NOT a way to improve your self-disclosure skills?
Quickly sharing central aspects of your self
Which of the following theories uses an onion as a metaphor to describe peeling back or revealing layers of information about your self
Social penetration theory
On the Internet, men are more likely to do which of the following?
Present themselves as "experts"
According to social penetration theory, the core of the self is comprised of which of the following types of attributes?
Values, traits, fears
Which of the following describes competing and opposing tendencies in relationships that impact how individuals communicate and behave?
Relational dialectics
Max is in a new relationship and is confused that his partner wants to spend less time with him and more time with friends. This behavior illustrates which of the following dialectical tensions?
Autonomy versus connection
Individuals tend to judge and perceive themselves
more positively than others.
What process is involved when we direct our attention to specific stimuli while ignoring other stimuli?
In interpreting information, we form attributions, which are defined as
explanations for others' behaviors and comments.
When we categorize people as a group based upon our own schemata while simultaneously ignoring individual differences, what perceptual process are we illustrating?
Which of the following play(s) an important role in forming our Gestalts?
Which of the following is (are) used in the punctuation process during the organization stage of perception?
chronological sequence
When we perceive and judge others we commonly
attribute their behavior to internal, personal causes.
Which of the following is an active strategy for reducing uncertainty regarding a person's behavior?
third-person questioning
Which of the following conclusions can be made about gender differences?
Women and men are essentially similar and respond similarly.
Characteristic ways of thinking, feeling, and acting constitute
As we perceive others, we are more influenced by negative characteristics than positive characteristics.
The three stages of the interpersonal perception process are salience, organization, and interpretation.
When we pay attention to specific stimuli or information in our environments while simultaneously ignoring other stimuli, we are engaging in the selection process of perception.
If you ignore the positive or good in someone that you do not like, you are demonstrating the horn effect.
The human tendency to credit ourselves, not the environment or external causes, for our successful behavior is called a self-serving bias.
Which of the following emotions results from the blocking of one's goals?
Jealousy is a blended emotion of
anger, sadness, and fear.
The primary emotion of joy is associated with what high-intensity counterpart?
Suppression is most commonly used to manage which emotions?
anger and sadness
Emotional intelligence refers to
the ability to accurately perceive and interpret emotions.
When a given culture socializes its members to communicate their emotions in ways that are socially desirable and appropriate, these norms are called
display rules.
An intense sadness that usually results from the loss of a loved one is called
The two most common strategies for managing emotions after they occur are suppression and repression.
Emotional contagion only occurs when negative emotions spread from one person to another.
Display rules governing emotion are fairly consistent across cultures.
According to your text, emotional intelligence cannot be accurately measured using self-report tests.
A blended emotion occurs when you experience a primary emotion followed subsequently by a second one.
Frances and Jose are having a disagreement over who started giving whom the silent treatment first. This is an example of which aspect of organizing information?
Notebook paper, pencils, pens, a backpack, and a lunch box suggest the concept of school. This is an example of which of the following?
Showing up late for class and blaming it on traffic is an example of which of the following?
External attribution
The fundamental attribution error is
the tendency to attribute others' behavior to internal causes rather than to external ones.
Margaret asks all her friends which history class to take to increase the likelihood that she will end up with a teacher who is interesting and can help her understand difficult subject matter. Margaret's information-seeking behavior is best explained by which of the following?
Uncertainty reduction theory
The process that amplifies innate differences between men and women to the point where they perceive and produce communication in vastly different ways is called
gender socialization.
Todd just met his new roommate, Jon. Todd assumed from Jon's shyness that he must not like people and have low self-esteem. Todd's beliefs about Jon are best explained by which of the following?
Implicit personality theory
Homa dislikes her new coworker because he made no eye contact, mumbled, and seemed insincere. Homa's perception of her coworker can best be described a
Maria aced her midterm exams and came home elated. This in turn cheered up her roommate. This is an example of which of the following?
Emotional contagion
Shandra seems to always know the right things to say to people, no matter the circumstance and is really good at solving relationship problems. Shandra is high in which of the following?
Emotional intelligence
Troi flies off the handle all the time, no matter where he is. The way Troi exhibits his anger embarrasses his friends and family. Troi needs to learn which of the following
Emotion management