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What phylum are Arthropods in?


Characteristics of Arthropods breathing

Gills if aquatic, Book lungs, Trachea, Spiracle.

Characteristics of Arthropods Reproduction, and Internal Transport

Most have internal fertilization, although some lay eggs. They have an open circulatory system

Incomplete Metamorphosis

Start with legs, hatch into a nymph, grow into an adult, no wings.

Why incomplete?

Incomplete because looks like an adult, although missing some body parts.

Complete Metamorphosis

Eggs, larva, pupa, complete metamorphosis, adult. (ex. butterfly)

Characteristics of Arthropods Movement

Jointed appendages, walking swimming, limping, crawling, digging, flying

Characteristics of Arthropods Support and Protection

Exoskeleton, protection of soft tissues and organs. Waxy coating and waterproof. Although limits movement, and limits growth

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