Physical Science (all year) Vocabulary

18 terms by jessicatipton

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the knowledge obtained by observing natural events and conditions in order to discover facts and formulate laws or principles that can be verified or tested

physical science

the scientific study of non-living matter


is the study of all forms of matter, including how matter interacts with other matter


the study of energy and how energy effects matter


the study of Earth's atmosphere


the study of the origin, history, and structure of the Earth


the study of life and living organisms

scientific methods

a series of steps followed to solve problems


the process of obtaining information by using the sences


an explanation that is based on prior scientific research or observations that can be tested


any pieces of information acquired through observation or experimentation


a pattern, plan representation, or description designed to show the structure or workings of an object, system, or concept


an explanation that ties together many hypotheses and observations


a summary of many experimental results and observations; a law tells how things work


measure of the amount of matter in an object


measure of the size of an object or region in three-dimensional space


the ratio of mass of a substance to the volume of the substance


a measure of how hot (or cold) something is; specifically, a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in an object

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