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world geography finals

Which country is not locatd along the northeastern borderof iran?
Which mountain range is located along the northeastern border of iran?
Which bodies of water lie to the south of the Arabian Peninsula?
Arabian sea and gulf of aden
What is the name of the desert described as the
EMpty quarter?
What factor prevents all the countries in the persian gulf from producing desalinized water
Expensive to produce large scale
What is the name of the region that nclides land from the persoan gulf through the tigris abd euphrates rivers?
fertile cresen
which ethnic group has never had their own country?
In which countru areshia imams particularly important and influential?
What is islams holiest city?
What country has the largest oil prduction?
Saudi Arabia
What are pigs generally not raised in the Persian Gulf and interior?
Muslim are forbidden to eat pork
Which is the following factors generallydoes not affect the regions politics?
Democratic RUle
What does OPEC stanf for?
Organtizatoin of Petroleum Exporting Countires
Which country is ruled by an ayatollah?
What two mountian suste,s run acrossAnatolia?
The POntic and the Taurus mountains
Whcih of the following rivers flows into the Dead sea?
What minreal is used to make fertalizer?
What two deserts are found in the Eastern Mediterranean?
Syrian and Negev
What happened to palestin after ww1?
it became a brtish mandate
What threee strips of land are issues in the Arab- Israel conflict?
THe GAza Strip , the west bank, and the Golan heights
What are the four quarter of jerusalem?
Armenian, muslim, jewish, ad christian
whcih of the following issuses is not a promlem in syria?
low birtrate
THe united states gives foreign aid to isreal and?
what is iraels leading expot?
polished diamonds
which country in th eastern mediterranean had te most diverskfies econmomy?
government based on religious laws
capital city of saudi arabia
a line of hereditary rulers
a group of nomadic herders who live in southwest asia
capital of iran
teritories placed under another country's control
capital of syria and one of the oldest dcities in the world
a narrow body of water thatlies between europe and asia
the largest ethnic minority in turkey
what andform acts as a natural barrier between north africa and the rest of africa
which type of landform is not found int he sahara?
what body of water does the nile river empty?
mediterranean sea
irrigated farmlands along the nile river and the nile delta produce larse ammouts ofwhich crop?
Desret nomads called ______ still live along th sinai peninsula in egypt.
which civilizatoin develped a system of writing using hieroglyphs?
what group took control of north africa after the roman empire crumnled?
two major rivers of west and central africa are...
the niger and congo rivers
which of the following animals is not found in the tropical rain forest?
which of the fllowing factors has contributed to the desertificatoin of the sahel?
growing population
why did the europeans originally explore the coast of west africa?
they were looking for wate route to asia
what city was an important centerof trade in the mali empire?
which of the following was not part of africas triple heritage?
what city in west and central africa has the largest populatin?
lagos, nigeria
which of the following is not true about west and central africas dual economy?
all agricultural goods are produced for domestic use
which early culture built pyramids?
when was christianity introduced into ethiopia?
more than 1,500 years ago
giraffes, lions, and wildabeast are all immune to
diseases carried by tsetse fly
swahili contains many vocabualry words from what language?
the Kikuyu nd Hutu are both from which linguistic group?
Bantu speakers
what is the underlying cause of many of east africas current challenges?
in wich country did the Hutu people practice genocide against the Tutsi?
what skill did the early Bantu settlers bring to southern africa?
how to make iron tools
why did the dutch originall want to settle in southern africa?
they wanted to farm
whate was a casue of the Boer War?
desire to control the regions mineral wealth
which of he following is not major river in southern africa?
congo river
what mountain range is located in south africa?
Drakensburg Mountains
The Thar Deser lies in both india and ______.
what is the Kanchenjunga?
India's highst point
WHere does the Ganges river begin?
in the Himalayas
what language is spoken by the largest number of indian ppl?
which religion is defined by a strict moral code based on preserving life?
India is not the worlds leading producer of which crop?
what is indias leading export?
May of indias current problems are related to ______.
rapid poplation growth
Which of the following is no a major religion in the indian perimeter?
which country in the indian perimeter was the last to achieve independence?
which country has limited tourism in order to preserve the environment?
which of the following factors has contributed to the slow economic development in the indian perimeter?
a lack of natural resource
which two countrie od the indian perimeter are landlocked?
Nepal and Bhutan
in which country is the Hindu Kush mountain range located?
What geographic feature seperates Sri Lanka from India?
The Palk Strait
What is the capital of Pakistan?
indian troops under British command
Deccan Pateau
one of indias major landforms
cottage industires
small scale industires run out of the home
a language from which modern day Hindi is derived
plant fiber used to make burlap and rope
all the gods of a religion
Indus Valley
Pakistan's main farming region
a form of carbon used in pencil lead
Storm Surges
large waves of ocean water that wave ashore like a very high tide
a country that allows another stronger country to provide protection
which of the following is not major crop of china?
which of the following is not a major environmental issue facing china today?
which mountain range is not located in the northern part of china?
Greater Khingan Range
Where is Taiwan located relative to china?
what region is called china's rice bowl?
southern china
what city is a mojr seaport and international trade ceter in china?
Which of the following is no a central element of Confusianism?
respect for nature
Japan and Russia diagree over ownership of which islands?
Kuril Islands
Earthquakes near Japan often cause -_____-.
which body of water does not border the korean peninsula?
Sea of Okhotsk
on whih of the followng countrie was not at some point occupied by japan?
wha event helped open japan to foregn influences and trade in the mid 1800's?
american Comodore Mathew Perry sailed into Tokyo Bay
what were daimyo?
Wealthy landlords
what is the capital of north korea?
which of the folliwing is not a way by which rivers have influesd the region?
determind most of the national boundaries
which country is home to the Khmer?
Which ocuntry had been most influenced by the chinese?
whcih two countires have communist governents?
Veitnam and Laos
what is the captal of Cambodia?
Phnom Penh
which of the following is not a major challenge in mainkand Southwest Asia?
long-term drought
the first malay ppl from asia migrated to the region ______.
about 2,000 B.C.
when do mosttyphoons strike the region?
between August and October
which country had been called the Tiger of the Pacific?
which indonesian island has about 13 active voncanoes?
which of the following is not an endempic species of island southeast asia?
Javan Lemur
what is one benefit tha the regions volcanoes have provided?
rich soil
in australia the summer in _______.
THe winter is in _______.
Summer= January
Winter= July
which of the follwowing natural hazards is not common to ew zealand?
whcih of the follwing does not describe the first european settlers of new zealand?
they were prisoners
where in australia is the Great Artesian Basin found?
the central lowlands
what is new zealands main resource ?
good farming
where did the Maori originate?
Pacifc Islands
Which climate is not cound in Australia?
which of the following does not describe Australia?
driest continent
what i the capita of new zealand?
why have coral reefs been called the rain forests of the ocean?
that have enormous biological diversity
which region of the pacific islands includes Easter Island?
what causes ocean trenches?
which country has more then 700 different languages?
Papua New Guinea
which of the following is not a major root crop of the region?
whihc of the folowing is not a major tree crop of the region?
how was political status determinded on Tonga and Tahiti?
it was kept withine certain families
which of the following is a major export for the region?
what is the capital of french polynesia?
why has emigration increased in this region?
increase populatoin have strained resources