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  1. equus
  2. porcine
  3. serpens, serpentis
  4. lionize
  5. capricious
  1. a (adj) Subject to whim; impulsive; unpredictable or fickle.
  2. b serpent, snake
  3. c (v) To regard or treat a person as a celebrity.
  4. d horse
  5. e (adj) Pertaining to or resembling a pig.

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  1. (adj) Having the quality of a cow or ox: sluggish, dull.
  2. fish
  3. (adj) Typical of fish.
  4. (adj) Pertaining to a horse; belonging to the family of horses and zebras.
  5. monkey, ape

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  1. simian(adj) Pertaining to or resembling an ape or monkey.
    (n) An ape or monkey.


  2. equitation(n) The art of riding horses.


  3. ursabear


  4. porcusfish


  5. bos, bovisfish