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  1. avis
  2. caper
  3. apiary
  4. caper, capra
  5. zoology
  1. a (n) 1. A playful hop, leap, or skip.
    2. A prank or wild escapade.
    (v) To leap, frolic, or frisk about.
  2. b goat
  3. c (n) A place where hives or colonies of bees are kept for their honey.
  4. d bird
  5. e (n) The science dealing with animals.

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  1. (adj) Typical of fish.
  2. (n) Member of the family of dogs.
    (adj) Pertaining to the family of dogs, and especially the qualities associated with them.
  3. (n) A house or large cage for birds.
  4. lion
  5. (adj) 1. Resembling a serpent in form or movement: sinuous; winding.
    2. Having qualities of a serpent: subtle, sly, sometimes even evil.

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  1. equestrian(n) The art of riding horses.


  2. zoion (pl. zoa)(n) The science dealing with animals.


  3. simianmonkey, ape


  4. ursa(adj) Pertaining to or characteristic of a bear.


  5. lionize(v) To regard or treat a person as a celebrity.