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  1. friend of Romeo; tries to make peace between those who fight
  2. poverty-stricken pharmicist who illegally sells poison to Romeo
  3. Franciscan brother who marries Romeo & Juliet hoping to restore peace between the two families.
  4. Concerned about his son's melancholy behavior; reconciles with Capulet at the end of the play
  5. she provides much comic relief in the tragedy; advises Juliet to marry Paris even though she knows Juliet is married to Romeo.

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  1. Escalus, Prince of VeronaTries to end the fighting between the two families by threatening death to those who break the peace; banishes Romeo to Mantua.


  2. Lady MontagueThe news of her son's banishment breaks her heart and she dies of grief.


  3. Juliettragic heroine of the play; defies her parent's wishes and chooses to die next to Romeo.


  4. Lady CapuletAt first he is reluctant to marry his daughter so young to Paris but later angrily demands it.