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Science: Chapter 5

Describe the rock cycle.
A series of processes on Earth's surface and in the Earth's crust and mantle taht slowly change rocks from one kind to another.
Name 3 things geologists observe when studying rocks.
Geologists observe the rock's mineral composition, color and texture.
Name 3 major types of sedimentary rock.
1. clastic rocks 2.organic rocks 3. chemical rocks
How do geologists classify sedimentary rocks?
Sedimentary rocks are classified according to the type sediments that make up the rock.
How do geologists classify metamorphic rocks?
Metamorphic rocks are classified accoding to the arrangement of the grains that make up the rock.
Name 2 types of metamorphic rock.
Types of metamorphic rock are: 1. foliated and 2. nonfoliated.
What are foliated metamorphic rocks?
Metamorphic rocks that have their grains arranged in parallel layers or bands, like slate. They split into layers.
What are nonfoliated metamorphic rocks?
Metamorphic rocks where the mineral grains are arranged randomly, like marble. They do not split into layers.