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  1. Siempre
  2. Nadie
  3. Algo
  4. Second Negative
  5. Ninguno
  1. a if a negative word, such as nunca or nadie, comes before the verb, a second negative is not needed
  2. b ninguno--> ningún
  3. c something (affirmative)
  4. d no one (negative)
  5. e always (affirmtive)

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  1. I don't want anything
  2. sone (affirmative)
  3. also (affirmative)
  4. the girls never eat at home
  5. never (negative)

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  1. Tampocoalguno--> algún


  2. Nadanothing (negative)


  3. Verbs Precededalways (affirmtive)


  4. Alguno and Ningunonone, not any (negative)


  5. NotesWhen you want to talk about an indefinite or negative situation, you use an affirmative or negative word