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3D053 V3

Which communications security (COMSEC) tier generates, distributes, and performs accounting functions of all modern key, physical traditional key, and certain electronic key
What is referred to as a logistic and accounting system through which communications security (COMSEC) material marked "CRYPTO" is distributed, controlled, and safeguarded
Communications security material control system (CMCS)
All the following are requirements that must be met to be a communications security account manager (CAM) without a waiver except
being a 33XX officer, a 3D053 or 3D000 NCO, or 301, 391 or 2210 civilian employee
Who requires that the communications security account manager (CAM) be formally trained to certify the training of local management device/key processor (LMD/KP) platform users
National Security Agency (NSA)
To determine the appropriate actions to take during the absence of the communications security account manager (CAM), refer to
Which COMSEC publication provides step-by-step procedures for COMSEC personnel to follow
Communications security (COMSEC) clerks should inspect all protective packaging for signs of tampering and report discrepancies in accordance with
AFSSI 4212
The information assurance assessment and assistance program (IAAP) team consists of personnel experienced in all the following Air Force specialties except
security forces
Who assesses local communications security (COMSEC) elements during "command" assessments
Drilled and repaired security containers or vaults may be used to store communications security (COMSEC) material after they are inspected for safeguarding capabilities according to which publication
TO 00-20F-2
Which of the following are considered long term communications security (COMSEC) key storage devices
Simple key loader (SKL)
What items should never be stored in the same container with COMSEC material
High theft items
What form is used to record the arrival or departure of all personnel not named on the facility authorized access list
Air Force Form 1109
Personnel at the temporary duty (TDY) location can/should verify an individual's cryptographic access program (CAP) status through
the communications security management system (CMS)
Who manages the cryptographic access program (CAP) database for AFCOMSEC Form 9, Cryptographic Access Certificates, account update lists, and polygraph tests
Administrative withdrawal
How often should communications security (COMSEC) access lists be reviewed for accuracy and annotated
Which type of security clearance is not valid for personnel on a communications security (COMSEC) access list
An interim security clearance
When classified material is not stored in a General Service Administration (GSA)- approved container, the facility containing the classified material must be constructed according to the requirements in DOD 5200.1-R MIL HDBK 1013/1A and
Air Force Cryptologic Accounting Guide (AFKAG)-1
When removing material from a communication security physical inventory (CPI), always
write an MFR
The communication security physical inventory (CPI) will include all of the following except
accounting legend code (ALC)
How long should a communication security (COMSEC) inventory form be retained
Past six months plus the current month
Changes that must be made to material in communication security (COMSEC) publications are called
Except under special circumstances, destroy communication security (COMSEC) keying material designated CRYPTO as soon as possible but no later than how many hours after supersession
The only authorized methods to destroy key tapes are by any of the following methods except
Sign the communication security (COMSEC) material destruction record
immediately after the material is destroyed
As part of a two-person control (TPC) team, you must be designated to handle communication security (COMSEC) material under the
personnel reliability program (PRP)
An area, room, or space which, when attended, must be occupied by two or more appropriately cleared individuals who remain within sight of each other is called a communication security (COMSEC)
no-lone zone
What situation is not an authorized exception to two-person integrity (TPI) requirements
COMSEC material handled in minimum manning situations
Which of the following is not an authorized official who may designate in writing individuals selected to perform courier duty
Communications security account manager (CAM)
When transporting bulky communication security (COMSEC) material through airlines, you may leave COMSEC material unattended
under no circumstances
When transporting communication security (COMSEC), MAJCOM approval is required when traveling
via non-U.S. flag airlines
What term is used to describe a communication security (COMSEC) security lapse that occurs when people fail to follow established COMSEC instructions, procedures, or standards
COMSEC deviation
What term is used to describe a communication security (COMSEC) security lapse with a potential to jeopardize the security of COMSEC material if it is allowed to continue
Practice dangerous to security (PDS)
What office assigns a tracking number to any reported communication security (COMSEC) material receipt reporting discrepancy
Guidance for processing COMSEC material receipt reporting discrepancies can be found in
AFSSI 4212 and AFKAG-2
Which situation does not describe a communication security (COMSEC) cryptographic incident
Failing to zeroize a common fill device within 12 hours of supersession of the effective key material (KEYMAT)
As a minimum, to what classification should you mark a communication security (COMSEC) incident report when the report reveals effective dates of classified keying material, enough information to determine the effective date, or material suspected of being compromised
A final communication security (COMSEC) incident report must be submitted no later than how many days after the initial report
60 days
What local communications security management software (LCMS) desktop function provides a user with the ability to securely pass information and/or transfer electronic key management system (EKMS) messages/keys directly to other EKMS accounts
Direct Comms
Which device connects to the local management device (LMD) and provides secure direct communications capabilities between sites in the electronic key management system (EKMS) architecture
Secure terminal equipment (STE)
What classification of communication security (COMSEC) material is the local management device (LMD) designed to support and process
The local management device (LMD) supports or utilizes all of the following except
unencrypted keying material
Which type of National Security Agency (NSA) approved encryption device does the local management device (LMD) use to communicate over a communications link
Type I
The front of the KOK-22A device fill connector allows interface with which type of file devices
DS-101 and DS-102
The transit cryptographic ignition key (CIK) for the KOK-22A is created at the depot and is accounted for as
What is not true about firefly credentials
They have a set cryptoperiod
Unless directed by National Security Agency (NSA) or HQ CPSQ, how often is the electronic rekey of the firefly vector set completed
When loading the vector set for the firefly credentials and you click on "Load EKMS Vector Set", what should immediately happen
The screen will go blank
Which communication security (COMSEC) management software is used in conjunction with the key processor (KP) to generate electronic key as well as transfer physical and electronic keys to other COMSEC accounts
Local communications security management software (LCMS)
Which communications security (COMSEC) management software does not allow an account to perform a semi-annual inventory
Common user application software (CUAS)
Which communications security (COMSEC) management software uses menus and submenus for necessary tasks
Local communications security management software (LCMS)
Who manages the cryptographic access program (CAP) database for AFCOMSEC Form 9, Cryptographic Access Certificates, account update lists, and polygraph tests
Air Force Network Integration Center (AFNIC)/EVPI