Mythology Chapter 7: The Quest of the Golden Fleece

Describe the origin of the Golden Fleece.
coat of wondrous ram, used so the corn would grow again.
How did the Golden Fleece get from Greece to Colchis?
It was part of Phrixus stepmothers plot to have her own sson become king. Phrixus sacrificed the ram to zeus, and gave the fleece to king Aetes of Colchis.
Who were Jason and Pelias?
Jason and Pelias were cousins. Pelias had stolen the throne from his uncle and Jason had come to take the throne peacefully if possible.
What did Jason offer Pelias and why?
Jason offered to let Pelias keep his wealth and possesions in return for surrendering rule to Jason.
For what reasons did Pelias tell Jason to reclaim the Golden Fleece?
Phrixus now dead wanted the Golden Fleece brought back to Greece. Pelias knew it was a deadly task and thought he would die on the journey.
Who were the Argonauts?
Heros who sailed with Jason on the ship Argo to obtain the Golden Fleece.
Describe the dangers and misfourtunes the Argonauts faced as they traveled to Colchis.
They encounterd women of Lemnos, who had killed all the men on their island except their elderly king. Hercules was lost when he went off into the woods. Their passage near the lands of the Amazons (strong women warriors)
What was Hera's plan to help Jason?
Hera planned to have Cupid shoot an arrow through the heart of Medea, daughter of the King of Colchis (Aetes), to make Medea fall in love with Jason.
Why did King Aetes want to kill Jason?
He hated foreigners and would have killed Jason and the Argonauts if they had not already dined with him.
Why didn't he kill Jason at once?
Once the Argonauts had eaten at the Kings table he forbade killing them.
Describe the task King Aetes forced Jason to perform in exchange for the Golden Fleece.
Jason had to yoke two fire-breathing bulls to a plow and plant the teeth of a dragon. Then he was to kill the warriors who would spring up from the sown teeth .
How did Jason acomplish the task ?
With a little help of a magic ointment given to him by Medea, as well as her advice to turn the warriors against one another by throwing a stone among them.
How did Jason finally obtain the Golden Fleece?
Knowing her father would be plotting against Jason, Medea ran to the hero by night encouraging him to go after the fleece and to get him to do it she sang him a song.
Describe Medea's help Jason on the journey to Greece and in Greece after their arrival.
She cause her brothers death, and had Medea help him gain revenge toward Pelias and brought Jason's father back to life and gave eternal youth to Jason.
How did Jason treat Medea in exchange for her help?
He had two childen with her but for marriage he turned to the daughter of the King of Corinth. he had Medea exiled.
How did Medea take revenge on Jason for decieding to marry the Princess of Corinth?
She sent her two sons to give the Princess a girft and ask that she wear it immediatly. When the Princess put on the robe it turned into fire and burned away her flesh.