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science final essays

list the three types of mountains. describe how each forms in terms of plate tectonics, characteristics and forces that create them
fault block: tensional, divergent, normal faults, forms grabens(ground) and horsts(high)
what are the processes of mechanical and cheical weathering? how do they act on rocks independently and as one united process? give examples of each
name the tree major types of rocks and explain how each one is formed
igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic.
formed by crystalization of molten magma
formed from the weathered products of pre existing rocks
formed by the alteration of pre existing rock by heat, pressure, and/or chemically active fluids
explain the process of fossilization. how are fossils important to geoscientists? what are the different types of fossils?
explain the ways the erosional action of wind and water are similar and how they are different. what landscape features are created by these agents of erosion?
name and describe the three stages of stream development in terms of gradient, discharge, and channel characteristics
what is an air ass? list and describe each type of air mass. include where they form and the characteristics of each
explain the difference between weather and climate. write a stateent that describes our local weather and a statement describing our local climate.