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Bill of Rights

1st Amendment
protects right of freedom of religion, speech. Press, assemble, and petition
Press not subject to prior restraint-gov't censorship of info before published or broadcast
*Laws prohibit slander-false speech to damage persons reputation and libel-like slander but written
2nd Amendment
ensures citizens & nation right to security; right to own firearms to form militia-armed citizens
3rd Amendment
-prohibits govt from forcing ppl to provide shelter for soldiers in homes
4th Amendment
right to privacy
Lawful search must be based on probable cause-reasonable basis to link person to crime
Arrest usually requires search warrant or arrest warrant
(Search and Seizures)
5th Amendment
due process of law; no one tried for serious crime unless grand jury has decided there's enough evidence; person found innocent may not be retried for same crime; don't have to testify against self
*Also gov't right to eminent domain-power of govt to take private property for public but must pay fair price
6th Amendment
right for individuals tried w/federal crimes defend themselves in trial; right to speedy public trial; allows trial by jury may ask for trial by just judge; right to know charges against them so may prepare for defense; right to hear & question all witnesses against them &right to compel witnesses to go to trial on their behalf; change of venue-new trial location to ensure fair trial
7th Amendment
Civil suits
right to a jury trial in fed courts to settle all disputes w/ property worth more than $20
8th Amendment
prohibits excessive bail; judge sets bail amt that ensures accused will appear for trial; bans "cruel and unusual punishment"
9th Amendment
all rights not spelled out in constitution "retained by the people" protects basic/natural rights
10th Amendment
reaffirm relationship between relationship between national and state gov't