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Based out of the Collegeboard's SAT Prep Study Guide.

When multiplying expressions with the same base, ___ the ___.

add, exponents

a2 x a5 =


t5 x t-2 =


When dividing expressions with the same base, ____ _____.

subtract exponents

r5/r3 =


When a number raised to an exponent is raised to a second exponent, _____ the ____.

multiply, exponents

(n3)6 =


In an equation that involves absolute value, how many answers can you have?


For instance, /7-t/ = 10.

Either 7-t = 10 or -(7-t) = 10.

Translate: 3 times the quantity 4x + 6

3(4x + 6)

Translate: A number y decreased by 60


Translate: 5 less than a number k


Translate: x less than 5


Translate: 20 divided by n


Translate: 20 divided into a number y


Greater than:

> (left)

Less than:

< (right)

Multiplying or dividing both sides of an inequality by a negative number ____ the ____ of the inequality.

reverses, direction

Is, was, has


More than, older than, farther than, greater than, sum of:


Less than, difference, younger than, fewer:



x, percent

For, per

Ratio, division

Distance =

rate x time

Time =


X and Y are directly proportional when

y = kx.

X and Y are indirectly proportional when

y = k/x.

The domain of a function is

The set of all the values for which the function is defined

The range of a function is

The set of all values that are the output, or result, of applying the function

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