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The Beatitudes
blueprint to happiness-condition and result
Fully Human
fully human means to accept and become the person God created us to be. We are each endowed with special gifts, which reflect the glory of God. To live fully in accordance with these gifts allows us to fully glorify God in our lives.
The Incarnation ans Us
affirms that we are essentially created good but need in salvation
Does God work for our salvation in the world today?
Stewards of Creation
everyone is called to be a steward of creation in their own way 1. Procreation 2. Proliferation 3. Protection
why does jesus give his grace?
Jesus gives us his grace so that we can choose good . Also so we can resist sin and its effects.
Repentance and Conversion
He teaches us to leave sin behind and live a new life in him. He gives us the spiritual power and grace to overcome evil. He teaches us about God's forgiveness.
Our desire for God
-Jesus teaches us to be single-hearted in our desire for God
Jesus reveals the Father
By becoming man, and by his Death and Resurrection, Jesus Christ unites us to God. We become the free adopted children of the Father through Baptism.
Jesus reveals who we are-
We are conformed to Christ and can grow in holiness and goodness.
About prayer/through prayer-
Jesus teaches us the importance of and to make time for prayer
we are all called to evangelize
Communion of Saints-
unity of the baptized
the state of a person with aGod is not yet purified enough to enter heaven
IXOYE- jesus Christ son of god and savior
Chi Rho
first 2 letters of Christ x=ch p=r
Reason and Experience
reason is to figure things out for ourselves, experience is going through an event and learning from it through the application of reason and experience to our lives we can see the existence of God
A Great Order-
a purpose reason for everything that exists, purposefulness
- descended from 2 parents (adam and eve), not an accident
Argument from Contingency-
cloud> water>jet stream> roatation of the earth>big bang? Existence of god, god is the only thing not contigent
Knowing God Exists Natural Law
written in each person's heart that God exists, shows that man is created by the same God, written in our dna
Knowing God Exists: Other Believers
-knowing God exists through other believers, scripture/tradition passed on by other believers through God, stories of saints and martyrs etc, the believers around us
Knowing God Exists:Faith
-proves itself to the heart of believers, we exist because of his love, he allows us to experience him in our lives, through the existence of faith we see the existence of God
God is Love: Creation-
order and beauty of creation point to God as its origin
The Capacity for Love
-we are able to give love and see GIVE AND RECEIVE
Why the Cross?
- the most painful/shameful intense form of pain, the crucifixion was used for the worst criminals, if you were a roman citizen you could
God is Love: Revelation/The Church-
He tells us of his love through the Church.
He does this through the liturgy, the community of the Church, and through the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.
Why does suffering exist?
- God allowing or causing suffering-Suffering (or pain), while by it's very nature difficult, does not always have to be a bad thing. It can make us better people. We need suffering/pain to stimulate personal growth. Suffering can always be a source of growth, because God does or allows everything for a reason. We have the opportunity to look at a situation and see pain or potential.
Scripture and our suffering -
Scripture can also helps us to understand suffering.
God and our happiness-
From the beginning of creation God made us to be happy, even creating the Garden of Eden as a peaceful paradise for us. Jesus came to the earth so that we might be saved Jesus made so much of his earthly mission one of teaching so that we could share in the joy of his knowledge and experience of the Father. True joy, untempered and undefiled by earthly weakness, is the mark of the followers of Christ.
What did Jesus do to bring us happiness?
Jesus established the Church so that we might find true happiness and joy in this life and the next.
Personal Judgement
- we die before the world ends
General Judgement
we die when the world ends