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Herbaceaous ornamental Plant Id "Rock Garden"

Planting beds contain rocks of various sizes with "planting pockets of soil". Soil is usually loam with moderate to low fertility but may include pockets of sandy gravelly soil. the beds are usually mulched with crushed stone of various sizes. The beds maybe shade or sun: moist or dry (match plants to conditions) Fast drainage is usually required for plant survival. Soil may be alkaline or acid depending on the rocks. Match the needs of the plants to the rocks.
Saxifraga X urbium 'Aureopunctata'
Saxifragaceae Common Name goldspot saxifraga
Iberis sempervirens
Brassicaceae Common Name evergreen candytuft
Euphorbia characias 'Glacier Blue'
Euphorbiaceae Common Name Glacier Blue euphorbia
Lithodora diffusa
Boraginaceae Common name Lithodora
Aurinia saxatilis
Brassicaceae Common name Basket- of- Gold
Dianthus 'Tiny Rubies'
Caryophyllaceae Common name Tiny rubies dianthus
Aubrieta X cultorum
Brassicaceae Common name Red rock cress
Armeria maritima
Plumbaginaceae Common name Seathrift
Phlox subulata
Polemoniaceae Common name Creeping phlox, moss phlox
Sagina subulata
Caryophllaceae Common name Irish moss
Lewisia cotyledon
Portulaceae Common name Lewisia
Thymus X citriodorus 'Archer's Gold'
Lamiaceae Common name Lemon thyme